Twin sisters heading to Tahoe!

Twin sisters heading to Tahoe!

Guest post written by Joseph Finch

We have been like twin sisters ever since we met three years ago, as you readers probably know. We have decided to take our friendship to my uncle’s mansion in Tahoe. He agreed to put us up for two weeks and pay for our lift tickets. Before I left the apartment I set my home security alarm from We’re in transit, stopped at a gas station in Vegas. We should get to Lake Tahoe by Christmas Eve. The drive has been brutal but we are spending some time out of each day to explore the sights and sounds of the West. By going through a drive-through we found the we can save a lot of time on what we are electing to eat. We have been so used to going to grocery stores but found the whole process very time consuming.

My uncle said that there will be three expensive bottles of wine waiting for us on the kitchen counter. He is leaving the keys to the Hummer and said we could use the snowmobiles if we wanted. I am so fortunate and blessed this holiday season to have such a rad uncle that is willing to spend a little money on his favorite niece. My best friend is just as excited as I am and plans to drink a toast to my hospitable, friendly uncle.


Hey Al, whats this about Global Warming putting Hawaii under water

It seems nothing will convince Al Gore that Global Warming in not correct in theory.

According to Gore even the frigid weather we are suffering now is the result of Global Warming. The news blog “Gather” says that “The Nobel Prize winner (Gore) is not convincing climate-change skeptics, though. Dr. William Briggs, a statistician and climate scientist, takes issue with Gore’s statement. He says, “He’s saying that anything bad that happens must be because global warming caused it. Activists like Gore are great at identifying events after the fact as being caused by global warming, but terrible at predicting them beforehand.” Meteorologist Art Horn agrees, saying that “Gore has no appreciation for large natural variability in weather.”

It’s not hard at all to get temperatures cold enough for snow in a world experiencing global warming. There will still be colder than average winters in a world that is experiencing warming with plenty of opportunities for snow.”

If Global Warming is responsible for the cold spell the heartland is experiencing it must also be responsible for the temperatures elsewhere such as Hawaii.

According to the soothsayers of doom and gloom at the state of Hawaii will be submerged by 2100 thanks to Global Warming. I can’t wait.

However the people who live on the Hawaiian Islands don’t seem to be worried about Global Warming, they are more interested in maintaining their tourist trade and shoring up the real-estate market that has taken a dive during this recession, or was it Global Warming that is responsible. Only Mr. Gore knows the answer to that.

According to the best place to live during Global Warming is Oregon. Oregon?
But the best place to be located is Hawaii. What say you about that Vice president Gore?

But Hawaii is fighting back. According to Maui Real-estate not only have the commodity prices fallen but their real estate is holding its own, maybe even gaining some of the ground recently lost. After all the Hawaiian Islands have long been one of the planets premier vacation sites.

Maui Real-estate claims that the drop in real-estate prices caused by the recession makes it not only a beautiful place to live but now it’s becoming affordable.

Caldwell Banker statistics indicate that the median sales price in Hawaii is $401,500.00 down from $517,00 last year. The median price in 2006 was $780,000.00

Maybe it isn’t the recession that has made real-estate affordable in Hawaii but it’s actually Global Warming. Who wants to buy real estate that’s going to be under water anyway ?

Whjat me worry?

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Scientists teach kids with computer games.

Having trouble getting your children interested in learning in school? Try this site for helpful ideas that work. Start off the new year with a solid plan of learning for your children. Try going to

The Federation of American Scientists:
Creating and researching Learning Technologies to change how we think and learn.

2010 Learning

Technologies Summary

We have been busy creating and presenting our Learning Technologies research all over the US this year. Our three main projects are the evaluation of our learning game, Immune Attack; the development of its sequel, IA2.0; and communicating news and policy about Learning Technologies to you. Here is a small summary of our work this year. See our website for more details.

Are you a teacher with access to PC computers and would you like to test IA in your classroom in 2011? We spent 2010 developing an excellent test of learning and attitudes toward molecular biology. Now we need students in 7th – 12th grades to play IA1.0 for 2 class periods and and then take our survey. Please register here and we will send you more information.

Learning Technology Policy

Many good things have happened this year regarding technology in education. The US Department of Education has made its goals for technology in classrooms clear in its new National Education Technology Plan.

New Learning Tools

MedMyst takes kids to a time in the future when knowledge of basic microbiology and infectious diseases has been lost but is required to save the lives of thousands. Do you remember who Lister was?

N-Squad requires players to solve a mysterious car crash, using clues found at the scene and research conducted about ethanol metabolism, neuro-transmitters, brain plasticity, etc …which leads to conclusions about drinking and driving.

CSI: The Experience. Join forces with our team of investigators, and identify evidence at the scene of the crime.

Surge requires players to rescue tiny helpless aliens by navigating through odd regions of outer space that require you to keep your velocity constant, or your acceleration constant….

Science Pirates: The Curse of Brownbeard helps students understand science processes to better change food safety behavior.

Cellcraft is for everyone and teaches players what mRNA is and how a cell responds to viral infections. It is a lot of fun. And it has platypuses.

Everyone wants to know where they can find more great science learning games! Now they are collected in one great place; My Game IQ. My Game IQ is a download system like Steam but with a focus on younger players and learning games. My Game IQ is free to use, and most of the games are too. Additionally, My Game IQ provides us with data about how long players play, which helps us improve our game.

(MyGameIQ is PC only!)

Create Your Own Video Games

Middle school kids can design real video games and learn systems thinking, iterative design, and collaboration skills while they do. Gamestar Mechanic is a game that leads players through the steps of game design. The interface is very engaging and fun. Check it out!

Participate in Science Game Development!

FAS, Muzzy Lane Software and K-12 are collaborating to create a panel of games that increase middle school standardized test scores…. Hmmm. How we going to do that? Join us and find out!

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Portsmouth UK cops catch a sexual predator after 30 years

Below is an article that appeared on an internet UK news site “The News”. Portsmouth UK cops were able to match DNA evidence found on a rape victim that occurred 30 years ago to a suspect. When they arrested the predator he admitted to additional crimes. This arrest and the perpetrator is worth noting because the suspect is not only a pedophile but has assaulted adults too. Very unusual.

By Gareth Bethell
Court reporter “The News”

Philip Andrew thought he had got away with the assault on a 19-year-old in an alleyway near Clarence Road in Southsea.

Philip Andrew
“The News Picture”

The sexual predator went on to attack another woman in her home, threatening her with a knife and smothering her face with a pillow.

But now, thanks to advances in forensics, Andrew has been told he could face a life sentence in prison.

The 54-year-old was the first person to be arrested as part of a major operation by Hampshire police looking into cold cases.

Andrew had been due to go on trial for the rape but he changed his plea to guilty at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Wearing grey trousers and a red and white T-shirt, he showed no emotion during the hearing and spoke only to enter his plea. Recorder Christopher Parker QC warned him he may face a life sentence because of his long history of offending.

Police initially launched an investigation after the attack took place about 3.25am on July 2, 1982.

But the culprit was never found.

Andrew, of Whitcombe Gardens, Milton, Portsmouth, was arrested earlier this year as part of the review into cases dating back to 1980.

Prosecutor Iain Wicks said Andrew’s first offence was when he was just 14 years old.

On that occasion he sexually assaulted a four-year-old child at a bus stop.

Eight years later, in 1978, he raped and assaulted a woman at Butlins in Bognor Regis, where he was working at the time.

Andrew told his victim ‘You’ve made a big mistake tonight, if you make a sound I will kill you’ before subjecting her to an horrific attack.

He was jailed for the assault and on his release he carried out the rape that until now had gone unpunished.

In 1989 he stole a key to a woman’s home in the Portsmouth area.

He let himself into her house at 3am, took a knife from her kitchen and jumped on the woman in bed and threatened to rape her.

She managed to talk him out of the attack and Andrew was later jailed for five years for burglary with intent to rape.

Richard Button, defending, asked for Andrew’s sentencing to be adjourned so that a psychiatric report could be carried out.

He said: ‘He has a history of depression and mood swings.’

Recorder Parker told Andrew: ‘I’m adjourning sentence now so that a psychiatric report can be prepared on you to look into your background, to examine the circumstances of your offending and in particular to consider the size of the risk to the public that you represent at present.

‘The court is bound to have in mind the possibility of a sentence of life imprisonment for you because of your record.’

Andrew was remanded in custody to be sentenced in December.

Detectives are looking at a total of about 2,500 unsolved cases across the area under Operation Galaxy.

So far they have reviewed about 700 cases – the majority of which are serious sex assaults – which happened between 1980 and 1985.

Forty of those have been singled out for further investigation by the Forensic Science Service who are looking at evidence such as swabs taken from crime scenes, victims, or clothing.

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We will kill Arpaio says Cartel

I had expected that the news floating around  about the threat  on Sheriff Arpaio’s life by the Mexican Cartel would have dominated the internet media.  It did not.

I have written several articles about Sheriff Arpiao because as a retired police officer I have heard of  and admired Arpaio for years.  And as a former resident of Arizona I saw first hand some of his professional efforts and the effects.

Its probably true that Sheriff Arpaio receives threats against his life by unhappy people in Arizona because he is either loved or hated and I mean real hate. After all his approach to the law is strict. His approach to the inmates in his jail is even more strict.

People who enforce our laws are allowed a certain amount of latitude in the their approach to our laws. Good officers  rely on common sense as to who should and should not be held to task.  In my opinion Arpaio is stricter than most but not to the point of being unreasonable. He is widely criticized for his approach. Those who are on the receiving end of his and his deputies approach to the law are no doubt angry. After all Boulder Colorado did not make them wear pink underwear.  I doubt the victims of their crimes are complaining.

And  so we must be wary  of this latest threat on his life. It was not uttered and passed on by unreliable sources. Sheriff Arpaio was informed of this threat by our own FBI.  I doubt that the FBI would pass on this information had it not originated from a source they believed to be credible.

Unfortunately there are those who would discount this threat. After all it was not made at a good time for the pro immigrant groups in this country. But there is information that I became aware of  last year when writing about the crime in Arizona that indicates that there is a clear and definable relationship between the passing of illegal immigrants across our borders and the death of our police officers.

Written 1m 2009.

FBI says 41 police officers killed in 2008.

Days after Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s arrest of 60 people in a two day crime sweep, the FBI reminds us of the number of police officers killed in the line of duty for 2008.  41 police officers were killed in the United States and Puerto Rico in 2008. There have been 530 police officers killed in the line of duty since 1999.

Mexicans walking the border fence

Sheriff Arpaio’s tactics have been severely criticized since he took on the responsibility of enforcing federal immigration laws. His critics say that he is profiling and that profiling is not acceptable. But if the FBI statistics are accurate, they seem to suggest an outrageous increase in the number of police officers murdered in states that have immigration issues. Do we really want to stop Arpaio’s efforts?

Although the FBI statistics reflect crimes committed by race region and many other tables, they apparently do not reflect crimes committed by immigrants, whether legally in this country or not.

Arizona ranks sixth in Officers killed since 1999 with 16 officers lost. Arizona rose to fourth in officers killed in the last two years losing 5 officers, behind an astounding 12 officers killed in Texas, 9 in Florida and 7 in California and Louisiana.   All of these states are either on the Mexican border or the Gulf of Mexico. Not even New York with its huge populace can equal any one of these statistics.

Arizona lost three officers during 2007. Of these three, a Glendale police officer and a Phoenix police officer were killed by illegal immigrants. All three officers were killed by persons with extensive criminal histories.

One might assume that the Mexican Cartel has been at war with Sheriff Arpaio and for that matter with all United States Police officers for years and now feel confident enough to publicly announce their intentions.

What gave the Cartel their confidence ?

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Free Rockin in California

In these times when money is tight, there are few jobs,  people are having difficulty paying the rent or keeping the wolves away,  there are a few places  (If you look for them) that you can take your family and enjoy a picnic and free music.  Such is a public park in Point Loma California.

So far we have enjoyed two great performances on two separate Friday nights at this park.  Both were 1960’s tribute bands. The first was a tribute to the Beetles by a band called “Help”.

I was astounded and pleasantly surprised at the talent of this group.  Their music was second only to the Beetles themselves and we all know that we will never again hear a live Beetles Concert.

The following Friday we heard a group called “Jumpin Jack Flash”. They immediately had the crowd of about 2,000 on their feet dancing. The lead singer looked, sang and pranced as well as Mick Jagger himself.  The music was outrageously as good as any of the Stones music I hear on my home “system”.

The park was full of families. Children ran around,  through and over the picnic blankets  squealing  in joy.

We  boomers  sat in our lawn chairs sipping “grape juice” and eating our favorite picnic treats occasionally dancing to our favorite songs that literally pulled us up on our feet.  (We made these groups famous you know)

As we did we left 2010 and found ourselves   in  socks dancing on our highs-school gymnasium floor.  All free of charge.

The “Point Loma Summer Series” was sponsored by private entities with the local authorities blessings.  Thank You for giving back to the community.

I suggest two things. First, check out your own community events to see if there are events like this for your family to enjoy.  You can relax, and take your mind off of the everyday hassles we all have. Second check out the schedule of these bands. You might have to pay to see and hear them but its a far cry from seeing the original groups and costs much less.

Below you can get a glimpse of these two groups and if you click on their pictures you will go to their web sites.

Jumpin Jack Flash Point Loma 2010

Jumpin Jack Flash Point Loma 2010

Help web pic

Help Web Pic

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The two faces of Janet Napolitano

On December 30, 2009 I wrote this article for the “Examiner”. I did not know then how accurate my thoughts would be.  You can decide for yourself.

Janet Napolitano’s Two Faces

In light of the recent lapses in our National security the question now is who is running our Homeland Security? Obama or Napolitano ? Is Napolitano a figure head that is going to suffer the wrath of the media and absolve the Obama administration of accountability? Or is Obama going to admit that Napolitano is really not qualified and he needs a true military or police security professional in charge of protecting US Citizens.
The Examiner reported on 12-28-2009 that the qualifications of Napolitano may not be appropriate for the position she holds or what the Obama administration expected.

Now that the news media frenzy begins to bring out the performance of our Homeland Security the spot light is on Napolitano’s laundry. She cannot escape her history as the Arizona Governor, or her actions to protect Arizona’s borders from the influx of Mexican drugs and illegal immigrants. She certainly cannot take back her words.

It seems that Napolitano has two resumes. One that was effective enough to convince the Obama administration to offer her the position of Secretary of Homeland Security (not to mention her pro Obama campaign efforts) and one that most Arizonian’s know as the real Napolitano.

No matter if your a Republican or a Democrat the facts stand on their own. Napolitano has tried to walk the line. One side advocates a hard line secure the border stance with severe penalties for employment of illegal immigrants and the other is a soft stance to Immigrants and Arizona business’s who hire these immigrants to increase their profits and who presumably contribute to the political candidates who sympathize with their plight.

Napolitano is a savvy politician and in an effort to court the Obama administration Napolitano provided this press information on November 23rd 2008.

Washington bureau David G Savage:

As governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano last year signed into law the nation’s harshest penalty for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants, a measure that would take away their business licenses for a second violation.

She called it the “business death penalty” and the “most aggressive action in the country” to stem the flow of illegal workers. She also criticized Congress and the federal government for failing to act on immigration overhaul. “The states will take the lead, and Arizona will take the lead among the states” she said.

But in Arizona her press is different:

Arizona Republic: December 28th, 2008.

“Still, Napolitano has resisted pressure from the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature to take an even harder stance against illegal immigration. She vetoed more than a dozen bills aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants”

Some of the bills that Napolitano vetoed are…
1. A bill that denied in-state tuition and day care for illegal immigrants.
2.A bill that would have given all Arizona police officers the authority to enforce immigration law. (and   her law)
3.A bill that would have designated English the official Arizona language
4.A bill that would have prohibited the use of a Mexican ID card called the “Matricula Consular” from use     as a form of proof of identity in Arizona. According to the FBI, this form of ID is easy to forge, and is in wide circulation  through out the United States in fraudulent from.

In addition Napolitano also yanked $1.6 million in state funding from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to blunt his efforts to arrest illegal immigrants through crime sweeps that critics said were terrorizing immigrant communities and violating civil rights.”

In December 2009 Napolitano told the Arizona Republic: “What I would say is that we are undoubtedly safer now than prior to 9/11. I would give credit in the Department of Homeland Security context to my tow predecessors (Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff). Building a federal department is not easy work. We’re still building it”.

It’s true that the influx of immigrants across our borders has decreased, and the crime rate in border cities has decreased , but some have said that our global economy has been, in part, the reason and the crime rate is not the result of Homeland Security’s performance. The rate of drugs passing over our borders has not decreased but increased.

In some cases States and local jurisdictions have taken it upon themselves to do what the Federal Government would not. In Napolitano’s own state of Arizona the Sheriff of Maricopa County has empowered his deputies to round up illegal immigrants and hand them over to the Homeland Security (ICE) in a effort to enforce Federal Immigration Laws that were not being enforced by the State of Arizona or the Federal Government.

And in Texas, according to Washington Post writer Spencer Hsu on March 12th 2009:

President Obama is reviewing a request from Texas Gov. Rick Perry to send National Guard troops to the Mexican border in response to violence triggered by Mexico’s fight against drug cartels, the White House said.

“We’re going to examine whether and if National Guard deployments would make sense and under what circumstances they would make sense,” Obama told reporters from regional newspapers on Wednesday as reported by the Dallas Morning News and McClatchy Newspapers.

“I’m not interested in militarizing the border,” Obama said.

In the most direct comments so far on the drug fight that has killed 7,000 people in Mexico since the beginning of 2008, the president praised Mexico President Felipe Calderon for “taking some extraordinary risks under extraordinary pressure” to fight the cartels.

US Officials say the amount of violence that has spilled over into the United States so far does not warrant major concern. Nevertheless, Obama added, “I think it’s unacceptable if you’ve got drug gangs crossing our borders and killing U.S. Citizens”

Perry, who called on Washington to pay for 1,000 additional troops or federal agents on the border, called Obama’s statement “a mistake”.

Certainly Napolitano’s background validates her report card of the Homeland Security’s performance in the last year and mirrors her performance as the governor of Arizona but is it in concert with Obama’s security plan for the United States of America ? Is our Homeland Security responding to Obama’s vision or Napolitano’s vision? Possibly they are one in the same.

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