Hey Al, whats this about Global Warming putting Hawaii under water

It seems nothing will convince Al Gore that Global Warming in not correct in theory.

According to Gore even the frigid weather we are suffering now is the result of Global Warming. The news blog “Gather” says that “The Nobel Prize winner (Gore) is not convincing climate-change skeptics, though. Dr. William Briggs, a statistician and climate scientist, takes issue with Gore’s statement. He says, “He’s saying that anything bad that happens must be because global warming caused it. Activists like Gore are great at identifying events after the fact as being caused by global warming, but terrible at predicting them beforehand.” Meteorologist Art Horn agrees, saying that “Gore has no appreciation for large natural variability in weather.”

It’s not hard at all to get temperatures cold enough for snow in a world experiencing global warming. There will still be colder than average winters in a world that is experiencing warming with plenty of opportunities for snow.”

If Global Warming is responsible for the cold spell the heartland is experiencing it must also be responsible for the temperatures elsewhere such as Hawaii.

According to the soothsayers of doom and gloom at PSYSORG.com the state of Hawaii will be submerged by 2100 thanks to Global Warming. I can’t wait.

However the people who live on the Hawaiian Islands don’t seem to be worried about Global Warming, they are more interested in maintaining their tourist trade and shoring up the real-estate market that has taken a dive during this recession, or was it Global Warming that is responsible. Only Mr. Gore knows the answer to that.

According to Wikianswers.com the best place to live during Global Warming is Oregon. Oregon?
But the best place to be located is Hawaii. What say you about that Vice president Gore?

But Hawaii is fighting back. According to Maui Real-estate not only have the commodity prices fallen but their real estate is holding its own, maybe even gaining some of the ground recently lost. After all the Hawaiian Islands have long been one of the planets premier vacation sites.

Maui Real-estate claims that the drop in real-estate prices caused by the recession makes it not only a beautiful place to live but now it’s becoming affordable.

Caldwell Banker statistics indicate that the median sales price in Hawaii is $401,500.00 down from $517,00 last year. The median price in 2006 was $780,000.00

Maybe it isn’t the recession that has made real-estate affordable in Hawaii but it’s actually Global Warming. Who wants to buy real estate that’s going to be under water anyway ?

Whjat me worry?

Protect your kids


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