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Scientists teach kids with computer games.

Having trouble getting your children interested in learning in school? Try this site for helpful ideas that work. Start off the new year with a solid plan of learning for your children. Try going to

The Federation of American Scientists:
Creating and researching Learning Technologies to change how we think and learn.

2010 Learning

Technologies Summary

We have been busy creating and presenting our Learning Technologies research all over the US this year. Our three main projects are the evaluation of our learning game, Immune Attack; the development of its sequel, IA2.0; and communicating news and policy about Learning Technologies to you. Here is a small summary of our work this year. See our website for more details.

Are you a teacher with access to PC computers and would you like to test IA in your classroom in 2011? We spent 2010 developing an excellent test of learning and attitudes toward molecular biology. Now we need students in 7th – 12th grades to play IA1.0 for 2 class periods and and then take our survey. Please register here and we will send you more information.

Learning Technology Policy

Many good things have happened this year regarding technology in education. The US Department of Education has made its goals for technology in classrooms clear in its new National Education Technology Plan.

New Learning Tools

MedMyst takes kids to a time in the future when knowledge of basic microbiology and infectious diseases has been lost but is required to save the lives of thousands. Do you remember who Lister was?

N-Squad requires players to solve a mysterious car crash, using clues found at the scene and research conducted about ethanol metabolism, neuro-transmitters, brain plasticity, etc …which leads to conclusions about drinking and driving.

CSI: The Experience. Join forces with our team of investigators, and identify evidence at the scene of the crime.

Surge requires players to rescue tiny helpless aliens by navigating through odd regions of outer space that require you to keep your velocity constant, or your acceleration constant….

Science Pirates: The Curse of Brownbeard helps students understand science processes to better change food safety behavior.

Cellcraft is for everyone and teaches players what mRNA is and how a cell responds to viral infections. It is a lot of fun. And it has platypuses.

Everyone wants to know where they can find more great science learning games! Now they are collected in one great place; My Game IQ. My Game IQ is a download system like Steam but with a focus on younger players and learning games. My Game IQ is free to use, and most of the games are too. Additionally, My Game IQ provides us with data about how long players play, which helps us improve our game.

(MyGameIQ is PC only!)

Create Your Own Video Games

Middle school kids can design real video games and learn systems thinking, iterative design, and collaboration skills while they do. Gamestar Mechanic is a game that leads players through the steps of game design. The interface is very engaging and fun. Check it out!

Participate in Science Game Development!

FAS, Muzzy Lane Software and K-12 are collaborating to create a panel of games that increase middle school standardized test scores…. Hmmm. How we going to do that? Join us and find out!

Protect your children


Is Arizona’s Immigration and Politics a View into the Next Presidential Election?

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President Obama might be more interested in the Arizona Governor’s race than any other political race in the country.

Jan Brewer who is a candidate for Governor of Arizona went from basic obscurity to a National figure in a matter of just a few months. She signed into law the toughest immigrant law in the nation. Brewer has pleased Arizona residents with her courageous defense of Arizona’s Immigration law.  She has also outraged those who think the law has racial bias overtones.

She is standing toe to toe with President Obama and the Democratic Party, who have rebuked the Arizona law, and in return she has scoffed at Janet Napolitano, her predecessor, saying:  “She (Napolitano) kind of did a 180 on the state of Arizona now that she’s secretary of homeland security. The comments that the borders are just as secure as they’ve ever been, if you would look at some of her correspondence previously, they weren’t very secure,” Brewer told reporters May 28 after signing the canvass for the May 18 special election on Proposition 100. “I’ve always said that she’s (Napolitano) turned a blind eye and is looking at it from a different perspective, sitting up there in the city of sin.” (Provided by Arizona Capitol Times)

When Brewer announced her intent to run for Governor replacing outgoing Janet Napolitano her chances of winning the Republican nomination against the likes of the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio were considered by most slim.

Arizona rumors were that Arpaio, who also supports the immigration law and is also a Republican, have been inaccurate. Arpaio has announced  that he is bowing out of the race for governor. If Brewer wins the nomination she could be a welcome ally for Arpaio who is probably weary of  the lack of gubernatorial support.

Let’s not forget Senator John McCain who is fighting for his political life in a primary challenge by radio talk show host JD Hayworth. In fact the Senatorial election may take a back seat to the election for governor in Arizona.  McCains previous stance on immigration has come home to haunt him.

The national spot light on Arizona’s immigration law is the last thing McCain could wish for because his previous stance on immigration has been soft. He has been forced to change/clarify his political platform.

He is now on the Arizona immigration band wagon calling for more Federal Troops to supplement the Border Patrol.  McCain is faced with the fact that  Sheriff Arpaio’s popularity is over 60% in support of  Arpaio’s past policy to enforce immigration laws if politically correct or not.

McCain wants to save his Senate seat and be included in the “clean sweep” Arizona’s voters seem to be heading for.  By passing the Arizona immigration law voters are signaling  political representatives  that they should  stop the huge influx of immigrants into the State of Arizona from Mexico or they are not going to be reelected to office.  It doesn’t appear to matter what the party affiliation is.

How do predators think?