Napolitano is absent again.

After looking in the FBI’s news archives I noted a press release on June 10th 2010.  It was titled “Project Deliverance” Fighting the Cartel on the SW Borer.  This press release by FBI assistant director Kevin Perkins tells a story of a two- year multi agency investigation into Mexican drug trafficking across the US/Mexican Border.

The investigation resulted in the seizure of $154 million dollars of US currency and 2600 pounds of heroin, meth and 71 tons of cocaine and marijuana. In addition 500 weapons and vehicles were seized.

Although our Customs and Immigration agencies were mentioned as part of the task force, there was no mention of Janet Napolitano and “Homeland Security”.  Operation Deliverance  was presented as an FBI operation. The original press conference included Drug Enforcement Administration Acting Administrator Michele Leonhart; Attorney General Eric Holder; and FBI Assistant Director Kevin Perkins. Also speaking at the press conference was Assistant Secretary John Morton of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Project Deliverance FBI Pic

Its well known that Janet Napolitano has little interest in enforcement of our border laws and in fact as Arizona’s Governor she vetoed strict border law enforcement legislation.  It’s no surprise that she or her office was not mentioned or included in this press release.

Homeland Security Pic

What is a surprise is that President Obama picked someone with her credentials to head up our homeland security.

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