Twin sisters heading to Tahoe!

Twin sisters heading to Tahoe!

Guest post written by Joseph Finch

We have been like twin sisters ever since we met three years ago, as you readers probably know. We have decided to take our friendship to my uncle’s mansion in Tahoe. He agreed to put us up for two weeks and pay for our lift tickets. Before I left the apartment I set my home security alarm from We’re in transit, stopped at a gas station in Vegas. We should get to Lake Tahoe by Christmas Eve. The drive has been brutal but we are spending some time out of each day to explore the sights and sounds of the West. By going through a drive-through we found the we can save a lot of time on what we are electing to eat. We have been so used to going to grocery stores but found the whole process very time consuming.

My uncle said that there will be three expensive bottles of wine waiting for us on the kitchen counter. He is leaving the keys to the Hummer and said we could use the snowmobiles if we wanted. I am so fortunate and blessed this holiday season to have such a rad uncle that is willing to spend a little money on his favorite niece. My best friend is just as excited as I am and plans to drink a toast to my hospitable, friendly uncle.


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