Free Rockin in California

In these times when money is tight, there are few jobs,  people are having difficulty paying the rent or keeping the wolves away,  there are a few places  (If you look for them) that you can take your family and enjoy a picnic and free music.  Such is a public park in Point Loma California.

So far we have enjoyed two great performances on two separate Friday nights at this park.  Both were 1960’s tribute bands. The first was a tribute to the Beetles by a band called “Help”.

I was astounded and pleasantly surprised at the talent of this group.  Their music was second only to the Beetles themselves and we all know that we will never again hear a live Beetles Concert.

The following Friday we heard a group called “Jumpin Jack Flash”. They immediately had the crowd of about 2,000 on their feet dancing. The lead singer looked, sang and pranced as well as Mick Jagger himself.  The music was outrageously as good as any of the Stones music I hear on my home “system”.

The park was full of families. Children ran around,  through and over the picnic blankets  squealing  in joy.

We  boomers  sat in our lawn chairs sipping “grape juice” and eating our favorite picnic treats occasionally dancing to our favorite songs that literally pulled us up on our feet.  (We made these groups famous you know)

As we did we left 2010 and found ourselves   in  socks dancing on our highs-school gymnasium floor.  All free of charge.

The “Point Loma Summer Series” was sponsored by private entities with the local authorities blessings.  Thank You for giving back to the community.

I suggest two things. First, check out your own community events to see if there are events like this for your family to enjoy.  You can relax, and take your mind off of the everyday hassles we all have. Second check out the schedule of these bands. You might have to pay to see and hear them but its a far cry from seeing the original groups and costs much less.

Below you can get a glimpse of these two groups and if you click on their pictures you will go to their web sites.

Jumpin Jack Flash Point Loma 2010

Jumpin Jack Flash Point Loma 2010

Help web pic

Help Web Pic

Protectus Prol


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