The Bottom Line is that BP Will Not Seal the Oil Well Permanently

It is entirely possible that in the minds of the BP board of directors and management, permanently sealing off this oil well is not an option.

Reuters Picture

The intense American and British frustration and anger over the pollution of one of the earth’s salt water bodies is getting stronger  and the media is fueling this frustration with innuendos reporting based on false or incomplete information.

This latest feeding frenzy rivals and even surpasses the wrath that President George W Bush received in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The difference between the two catastrophes is that one was created by mother nature and one was created by British Petroleum. The similarity is that both American presidents Bush and Obama  was and is inadvertently held responsible for correcting the havoc and  damage that resulted from these catastrophes.

Reuters Pelicans oil spill

Reuters Pelicans Oil Spill

While the attention is focused on who should be held responsible and how and who is going to clean up the oily mess, British Petroleum’s options and motives have not really been analyzed.

If you were an investor in British Petroleum, or a high level executive who has a bonus or stock advantage based on profit, would you do the right and moral thing and urge your company to permanently seal off a well that could possibly be the most profitable well ever drilled and one that cost millions possibly billions of dollars to drill in the name of ecology?  We all know the answer to that.

Although the spokes person(s) for British Petroleum would have us believe that they will “make it right” in the end, their statements are probably based purely on their balance sheet.

In reality the BP executives and board of directors have no alternative other than to make decisions based on economics.

Everyone  one  of them who receives a salary for making high level decisions is committed to protect and preserve the company’s financial security. That responsibility does not include kissing one of their most successful oil wells good-by even if it means telling everyone that they will pay for the cost of reclamation, lost wages etc; etc; .

Their claim is that they have sealed off wells in the past and if they could seal off this well they would.  In reality previous wells that were sealed were sealed because it was economically beneficial and had nothing to do with the good of mankind.

All this has nothing to do with our president or England’s prime minister either.  Legally it may be impossible for anyone other than BP’s board of directors to direct actions relative to this failed oil well.

And this article will either prove to be accurate or not. We shall see if BP will try to stop the oil from escaping their coffers or seal the well permanently without being forced to do so.

And we will continue to read, see and hear our news media beat the drum of political incompetence instead of doing investigative reporting and “following the money”.

The truth is to be found but probably is not lurking in the oval office. If you believe that it is, you can hear it on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. And quite the show it is.



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